Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast out

This morning we  decided to eat out or I did. Since I usually fix breakfast. We had seen this restaurant just down the road. Called Martha's. They always had a bunch of cars and trucks there. Wo we went Boy was it good. People were coming and leaving the whole time we were there. I had western omelet and Thelma had ham and cheese.  We talked to a couple at the table next to us and they were from Canada. As they went to pay the bill another couple sat down. Asked where they were from . Canada too so as the other couple went to leave I said these people are from Canada too. They came over and started talking to them Come to find out the one gal new the other gals sister . What a small world. There was a couple there where he was from Elkhart. We then went from there to the produce flea market. Got some oranges and grapefruit. When we got home I noticed that the wheels on the truck looked different. Check closer and someone stole my hubcaps. Not sure when it happened. It could have happened here or last night at church. It was sprinkling when we got out and was dark so wouldn't have noticed it then. Guess I will wait till we get back to replace them. Need to find a junk yard and see what they want for them. Well guess that's about it for tonight. Going to put a couple of pictures on here at the end .  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Stealing your hubcaps--bummer! Did they take all of them? What is that last picture? I can see that it is IH but guess I don't know what it is.

  2. You are lucky they didn't take the whole truck. The Mexicans like diesel trucks but then tend to prefer duallys.