Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we move about 20 miles down the road. It is not that far. We will bet moved just before the cold spell happens. They are now saying down into the 20s maybe at night and 30 to low 40s during the day. That is cold. I don't know what it will do to the orange groves down here if it gets too cold. We got almost everything put away today. I emptied the holding tanks tonight The guy from the campground asked me why we were leaving I didn't tell him we were at the wrong Rollin homes. It hasn't been bad here and if Sarah wasn't at the other one I don't know if we would move or not. We will be a little bit farther west from most of the stuff but not that far. Boy I sure don't envy you up north. Sounds like a bad one coming. Guess we picked a good year to come down here. It is supposed to warm up again by Sat and Sun is supposed to be up in the 70s. If you want to know what our weather is look up Mission TX. That is the town we are moving to tomorrow. Linda asked what sky med is  Here is the link for it. I hope we never need it but if something happens especially to me we will be okay. They would make sure everyone gets home and the trailer and truck too. We will have it for two years and then decide if we need it. If we didn't go so far away  I don't think we would get it. Will go out for breakfast it the morning first thing and then come back and get hooked up. That's about it for tonight.  Later All Ron Thelma and Eli who likes this weather. No snow he says

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  1. I agree with Eli! I wish we weren't getting any either. We let Alvin out a little while ago and now can't even see his tracks. Really coming down. Guess I envy you guys being down there even if it is going to get down a little low for a couple of days. At least you know the cold isn't going to last long. Getting really tired of this.