Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A relaxing day

Didn't do much today. We had an appreciation dinner in the club house tonight  Brats potato salad , Cole slaw chips and brownies. Was pretty good. They also had a guy that played the guitar using a computer for his accompaniment. Other than that we just stayed around here. Tomorrow we go to a RV dealer to pick up a knife safe. We ordered it last weekend when we went to the show the dealer had. They had Heartland trailers. Saw some pretty nice ones. Lot of money. I wish I could afford to tell them I want this and that in a trailer. There were some plans that we liked certain areas of  but not all of it. We are also going to grocery and Walgreen's. Fri they are having someone here from Sky Med They are furnishing Pizza. and drinks I think. Thelma and I will probably go to Logan's tomorrow night for our anniversary. 49 yrs. Next year will be the golden one. Guess that's about it for tonight  Oh Bob Thelma said that she likes Bandidos better too. There is a Mexican restaurant down the road a ways and some people said it is good. So we will try and hit that before we move to another campground.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. What is a knife safe? You have been pretty busy. Sometimes a relaxing day is kind of nice.

  2. Congrats on the 49 years. Darlene and I did get to 50, but never really got to celebrate like our kids had planned. When you get to Mission, you will find a few more Mexican joints to try. One that I recall was Danny's, but they never seemed to get the orders right, no beer, but the food was pretty good.

  3. Our Bighorn is by Heartland. We sure like it. Congratulations on #49.