Thursday, January 20, 2011

World Birding center

Today we went to Estero Llano Grande State Park. This is part of the world birding center. I has about 5 or 6 places in this birding center We spent about 4 or so hours there. Wasn't as much activity as we had hoped. We will probably go back again in Feb sometime as that is when the butterflies will be here. We are going on Sunday and take a tram tour where you have a guide and they take you around on an electric cart about 8 seater. I took few pictures Here are some of them
This is a chachalacas. Only weigh about a lb. Not much meat there

This is a Golden Fronted wood pecker. We bought a pamphlet that will tell us what birds they are. Thelma wrote down what we saw.  When we move to mission there is another state park there that we will go to. I could get into this  Well that's about it for tonight. It is really windy here. Gonna get cool to 39 Fri night they are saying.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Oh yeah - cool at 39. Right now at 6:00 am it is 4 degrees. I'm glad we are having global warming or it would probably be -10 degrees.

  2. Nice pictures! When you said "I could get into this", do you mean bird watching? I do enjoy watching the birds where we live, although I can't always identify them from the bird book.

  3. I also enjoy watching the birds. We had some finches out by the pound this summer. And of course the hummingbirds are always fun to watch. I'll take your 39 at night. Down to 9 tonight.