Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missed last night

I got the pictures ready to put on last night and then forgot to do the blog. Oh well. Yesterday we did not do much except one load of laundry. Today we went for a FCRV valley wide luncheon. It was a buffet at Harold's country kitchen. They had a variety of food. Chicken and brisket was on the menu. The brisket was really good. Could cut it with a fork. Tonight Thelma and I went to a restaurant I got a Mexican plate. It was not all that good. Not very spicy. Told Thelma we had to go to a real Mexican  restaurant. She had taco salad and it was bland too. No spices. Tomorrow night they have an appreciation dinner here at the campground. Not sure what we will have.  I am going to post some pictures of the birds we saw Sunday
I wish I had a bigger zoom lens. Saw some guys with looked like 1000 zoom. If I hit the lottery I will get me one. The first one is a Vermilion Flycatcher, Then a great heron. We think. Didn;t have a book to write in when we took the tour. The one that fits right in with the wood is a common pauraque. It is a night bird. It lay  there  the whole time we stood and took pictures. Not sure if it was sleeping or just so used to people. We will do another state park next month when we move to Mission. Guess that's it for tonight. Later all
Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Boy, that last one is really hard to find. Might help if I knew what I was looking for. That first one is really pretty. I would have thought the mexican food down there would be really good being that close to the border.

  2. Mexican food in Texas is really pretty bland. I think as we get North like Indiana it is embellished with alot more seasoning than true Mexican food. I prefer Bandido's.

  3. We always got good Mexican food when we lived in Texas and Oklahoma. But I think you're right, you're not going to get it at a regular restaurant. I would ask around for a good one to go to. Bird pictures are good.