Thursday, January 13, 2011

No power

I am sitting in the trucks with it running trying to do a blog. We went for lunch with some friends and when we got back this afternoon we had no power. The transformer down the road just a bit burnt up. Also the pole so they are putting a new Pole and transformer in . Said we would not have power until 10. Will be a long night. We went to a Chinese buffet for lunch Then had a nice visit at their mh. We went to a drive in for supper as we couldn't cook what we wanted.  Guess thats about it for tonight. I have the trailer plugged into the truck to charge up the trailer battery. Need it to keep the furnace running. Not all that warm here. Boy is it dark around here. We have a night light right behind us It is out so it is dark. Guess that's about from here. Hope it comes on earlier than they say. Wish I had my little generator here. At least we could watch TVs . Well later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. That does not sound like fun. How long will the battery run the furnace. I guess if it gets too cool in the trailer you could use the stove for heat.

  2. Are they friends from down there or friends from up North? Whenever we are without power, I have to think of what it must have been like back years and years ago when they didn't have electricity. Boy, am I glad I didn't live back then.