Saturday, January 15, 2011

Power anyone

Today we lost our power about 3:00 pm We atre some chicken drumsticks that Thelma fixed on the stove. We went to church at 4:30. Got back home about 6:30 and it was back on but think it had only been on for just a bit. I don't know what the problem is with this power stuff. But it is just not here. They have trouble all over this area. I talked to a lady here that had been to a walmart and they lost power so sent the employees home. I don't know what they would do when it came back on. This pastor at this church we have been going to is really good. He stands at the front and preaches  All he had was the bulletin with the old testament reading. He also uses a lot of gestures. We will come here after we move to Mission. It is raining right now It has been sprinkling most of the day. We have went around to some of the campgrounds in this area looking to see what they have and how much. I figure we will be back down here in a couple of years. Think the retiree rally will be moved between here and someplace more east. Maybe Rayne La. That would make it good for those in Fl and those here in TX. Can't think of much else. Looks like tomorrow we won't do much of anything as it is supposed to rain about all day. Oh the power company is AEP Texas. They have good trucks though  IHs Well will close for tonight For all you people and doggies up north stay warm  Hugs to you all Ron Thelma and Eli the camping dog


  1. We used to have a lot of trouble with our power here in St. Louis area. Then about two years ago they did a lot of work on the underground lines. I don't know exactly what they did but spent a couple of months working in the area. I don't think we have had a power outage since.

  2. Glad you like the pastor. How far will you have to drive to go to church when you move to Mission?