Monday, January 17, 2011

Questions answered

The IH unit is a cotton picker. Two row. I suppose now days they are bigger than that It is a 1947. Linda Not sure how far the church will be when we move. I don't think all that far. There isn't to many lcms down here in this area. It is kinda funny as they have in there bulletin that they rely on the Winter Texans to keep the church going in the summer. That was the case last year at Gulf Shores. I would rather give this church some extra money than that one as this one is more friendly and a better preacher. I will have to check my mapping program and see how far it is from Mission. Today we went to Walmart and got some food and some money. I use my debit card and then get cash back. That works really great. If a place will take a debit card I use it to pay the bill. Less cash. Tomorrow we go out for Pizza with a bunch of FCRV people down here. Should be a good time. We have not seen some of them since the campvention last summer. I need to take my camera along and get some pictures. Guess that's about it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli

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  1. When you went to the RV show did you see any units that you liked better than the one you have? We often see some that have specific features that we like but still have not seen any that we like better in total.