Saturday, January 8, 2011

A great day

Today we went and drove around the area . We went to a RV supply place and I bought a couple of items Then went  to a Montana dealer to see about light bulbs. They didn't have them Had to order from Montana. Then made a stop at camping world. Didn't get any thing there. Since we were in Mission we drove over to where we will camp in Feb. Meet the lady that is the manager. She used to run Johnny Appleseed in Ft Wayne. Then we started back Stopped at whataburger for lunch.. Good. Then got back to trailer. I took a shower and then we left for church. Real good service. Meet a nice couple from Mo. The man took me over to meet the pastor. Had a good chat with him. Not sure we will go to this church when we move to mission. Depends on how far it is Might have to look for another one. If there is one. Got back and called Gary talked to him for a bit. We have some mail so he will send it next weekend. He doesn't have time to do it during the week as he gets home so late. Well guess that's about it for tonight. Think tomorrow we are going to flea market. I think Eli wants some NOT  Later  all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. What town is the church in that you went to? How far away is Mission from where you are now?

  2. The couple you met from MO - what town in MO are they from? Did you not like the church?

  3. Ran Johnny Appleseed - just shows what a small world this really is. Glad the church was nice. Is the church that far from where you will be staying in Mission that you don't want to drive it?