Friday, January 7, 2011

Another nice day

Today we went the neighbor lady to a jam session. It was at a campground just down the road. Nice campground. Not to expensive either. We had lunch there and then listened to the people jam. It was really neat to hear all the people sing and play their instruments. It lasted about 2 hrs or a little more. When we got back Thelma did a couple of loads of laundry It was a really nice day. Got up to the mid 70;s It is 68 right now. Think it showed snowing in Fort Wayne. They are predicting some rain here next week. They need it It is so dry. Think tomorrow we are going to a Montana dealer not too far away to get a light bulb for the trailer. It is a 12 volt one Also need a nut to hold the shade on. Lost it on the way. We have looked all over for it and haven't found it yet. They are having a RV show here next week at the next little town. We will go see it  Can;t afford one of the new ones but like to look. Guess that's about it for tonight  Oh We went to a Shoneys to eat tonight I had the seafood bar and Thelma had a sirloin steak Ground that is. Eli will have the leftovers. I also had a little piece of chicken that we brought home. Later  Ron Thelma and Spoiled little Eli


  1. I bet Eli enjoys it when you bring home leftovers. Poor Alvin - he never gets any of that kind of stuff. It was snowing here tonight. Probably got about an inch or so. I sure would enjoy some of those 70s.

  2. I think there is supposed to be a RV show here down at the convention center in the next week or so. You'll probably find the nut after you've bought another one.

  3. We are going to go to an RV show here in mid January. We are not looking for a new one but like you said, we like to look - see what's new.