Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well laid plans not

I had said yesterday that we might got to the light house. That did not happen. I had the alarm set for 7 It went off but Thelma did not budge and neither did Eli. They both just laid there so I figured might just as well lay back down. We got up around 9 and went down the road to Martha's for breakfast. Then came back and started to put some things away. We need to finish in the morning for some of the other stuff. This afternoon we set outside with the neighbors and chatted. Thelma made supper we had turkey sausage  and sauerkraut. It was good. Some baked apples  and red beets. Finished them off. They were from an Amish place by New Haven. So we will go to the lighthouse after we move. Not that much farther than from here. It got up to 85 here this afternoon. But were gonna pay for it this next week. They have freeze warnings up for the area just north of us and 40-50 highs here. But after a couple of days it will warm up again.  Better than snow.  Guess that's about it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. I will take what you have any day. 85 sounds like heaven. It is snowing here now and they are predicting a lot of snow - maybe over a foot with winds and possibly a wintery mix. We are on a 2-hour delay for tomorrow morning.

  2. We are getting freezing rain right now. Supposed to get 1/4 - 1 " of freezing rain followed by 12 + inches of snow. To the north of us they are saying they could get 12 - 24 inches of snow.And tomorrow night it is supposed to get down to -5. So, with all that being said, 85 sounds real good.