Sunday, January 23, 2011

A birding day

This morning Thelma and I went to Embassy Suites for brunch. We had a coupon for buy  one  and two drinks and get the second brunch free. Good thing we had the coupon. It was expensive. Then we came back and changed clothes to go back to the State Park where we went on a tram. Electric 8 seater golf cart. They had two of them. We saw quite a few birds and one alligator. It was really interesting as the guide explained a lot about the area and how part of it flooded when on of the hurricanes sent a bunch of rain to the area. Tomorrow I will put pictures on . Didn't get them on tonight Tomorrow is laundry day so will do that while Thelma does laundry. Yes Bob it was at casa de sol. It was pretty good. Tomorrow they have one here at this campground. Tonight they had cake and ice cream for birthdays and anniversaries. Thought maybe they would ask how long you had been married but they didn't Guess that's about it for tonight. So did your team win today. I didn't really care. Saw the end of the first game and Thelma had the other one for a while but didn't hear who won.  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. What town is the church in that you are going to?
    Sounds like you had another interesting day on Sunday.

  2. I have stayed at the Embassy Suites before when I was singing with the chorus. The rooms are pretty expensive. The buffet is included when you stay there so I never had to pay for it. Will look forward to seeing pictures.