Thursday, March 3, 2011

Basilica of our lady of San Juan Del Valle

We wnt here on Wendsday. First we went and got a propane tank filled. Then after bringing it back we went to a ropa store. Thelma found a couple of tops and I got a pair of pants. Dress pants and a white shirt. Looked like they had never been used. The pants still have the threads on them where the tags were attached. Then we went to the Basillica. I walked around he grounds and took pictures of the stations of the cross. The statues look like they are bronze. Not sure if they are or not. We then went inside and looked around. Just as we were leaving the priest or deacon came out and announced in Spanish that they were doing a blessing. We did not stay for that. Here is some pictures.
Thius what is behind the alter. Really bueatiful
This is the bell tower Sure wish it had played while we were there. Maybe only when there is services. They have a lot of services on Sunday. Some bilingual and some just english and some spanish.
This is on the outside of where the alter is inside. This is lite up at night.

This is one of the stained glass windows. Very nice. I should have cropped it a little more.

I guess we were vistiors. They have a place outside that has spigots where you can get holy water. People were there with big jugs to fill and take away. Pictures of it will be on my photo site when I get them all loaded. Waiting to get to a place with wi+fi. Should be next week sometime.

Today we stayed around here and Thelma got her hair cut this afternoon. Cheap. Not too bad of a job. Well guess thats about it for tonight Tomorrow we are taking a boat ride on the Rio Grande River. Should be interesting  Later All Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Nice pictures. The boat ride on the Rio Grande sounds enjoyable. Hope there aren't any desperados lurking around.

  2. You sure are making the most of your Texas vacation. I am happy for you. Have you visited the LaLomita Mission yet? Near where you take the boat ride. Also find out how to get to Los Ebanos hand pulled ferry. You will never see anything like it.

  3. Looks like a beautiful place. Looking forward to seeing them on your photo site. The boat ride sounds like a lot of fun.