Sunday, March 27, 2011

A lot has happened

Boy have we been busy. Today is the last day. We have entertainment tonight and then the parade. This is where every state that is here marches across the stage and makes a bunch of noise. That will be the end. Last night was the King and Queen contest. A couple from Iowa won Conn. was runner up. We also had a lady as entertainment and also a reception for the King and Queen. Yesterday they did bean bag baseball and I forget what else. We had church this morning and then the drawing for our place in the parade. I drew # 1. So we will march behind Iowa as they have the new king and queen. I will take pictures of all of them. At noon they had a luncheon for all the workers. We are going out with the Indiana group for supper later this afternoon. We leave tomorrow morning for Mineola which is about 30 miles away for a mini rally. Be there till Fri and then start back to Ft Wayne. Figure to get back about Thurs or Fri. Hope it warms up. We might freeze otherwise. Well that s it for today. I will post tomorrow when we get to the next place.  Later Ron Thelma and Eli

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