Saturday, March 12, 2011

A busy day

I missed yesterdays post. I was so tired last night that I didn't do it. Yesterday after breakfast we went to downtown San Antonio. We parked by the Alamo. We went to the visitors center and bought tickets to ride a trolley around town. You can get off and on at different places. We did the San Jose Mission
We have a couple of more to see if we can before we leave. This one is being restored at the church so we could not go in it.

This is the front of the church. This mission was used way back when Spain occupied what is now Texas. They got the Indians to come and stay here and build this mission. This is owned by the National Park Service.

This is some kind of cactus. Don't know what it is. But I like it I need a book on this flower stuff.

Here is a building in downtown San Antonio. I don't know what it is because we were a couple of blocks away Used the telle lens.

Now today we went to a breakfast here at the resort. They had Biscuits and gravy,  two eggs they way you want them two sausage patty's and coffee for 4 bucks apiece. Couldn't beat that. Thelma only ate one egg and brought the other back for Eli. He wouldn't eat it from her but did from me. He is so funny that way anymore. We then went to a wildlife ranch about 15 miles or so away. We really enjoyed this. You drive through the place. We went around two times. Here are some pictures

Think these are some kind of antelope. Twins I would say Momma is standing behind them. They were so cute Could have just put them in the truck and brought them home.

This guy stood right in front of the truck and would not move. He finally came around to my door and I reached out and fed him some pellets that they gave us. There were a lot of these on the ranch

Here are some lemur monkeys on the island. Playing around. They were funny jumping on each other.

Here is a flower on the grounds. I don't know what it is Was pretty though

Here is another one. This was a pretty neat place.

Another one Wish I knew flowers better. That's about it for today Tomorrow we are going to Traders World. I think it is a big flea market. We will go see the Alamo itself this coming week On forgot to say that on Friday we saw an IMAX movie on the Alamo. It was about the fighting for the Alamo. Was really good. Made you feel like you were right in the middle of it. Okay later all.  Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. You haven't mentioned the Riverwalk or the boat cruise. If your time allows you need to do this. We really enjoyed it. Glad to hear so much about your travels.

  2. Beautiful pictures. $4.00 for a breakfast like that is really good. Tell Eli that he better be good. Thelma might not save him anything again if he doesn't take it from her. Saw some crocus in bloom today. Yippee! The first sign of spring!