Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A busy and tiring day

This morning we got up at 7:30 Ate breakfast let Eli out and started for town. We got to town about 8:45. Went to the Alamo first. Fairly short line They opened at 9. This building is considered a shrine so no  pictures inside.
This is the front. I took this when we left The line goes down the street and around the corner. It is spring break here and I think everybody came here. After walking through the grounds where we saw some beautiful flowers that are in bloom

Not sure what these are but they were vining on a fence. Thelma said she used to put them on here fingers for finger nails

This is the back side of the Alamo  This was originally a church or mission as they called it. From here we went to the river walk. We had tickets for a boat ride on the river

Here is the type of boat that we rode on. It was nice Following are some of the pictures I took. Wish we could have gotten a front seat. It would have been easier to get some pictures

Here is a shot of the Tower of Americas. We went on it after lunch and took the trolley tour to it

Here is a face on one of the buildings that we passed on the boat. It had these all around it

Here is a snowy egret that was on the place where they turned around to head back down river.
From here we ate lunch at Chili's  on the river Should have gotten a picture. We ate inside as it was a little cool today. It warmed up later After lunch we got on the trolley and head to the tower. Next up Shots from up on top

Not sure what this building is but it has a neat roof.

Here is the Alomodome. It is not used for much anymore. They tried to get a pro football team but so far no luck. They still have the Alamo bowl in it every year. Also some high schools use it.
Now for the last one for tonight Not sure why they call this hotel what they do. Just because it is across from the Alamo

Well that is it for tonight. Tomorrow we will get Eli groomed in the morning and Then do Walmart Thursday we are planning on the Zoo. I just love them. Friday we leave and go farther north for about 130 miles or so. Stay there Fri night and then to Canton on Sat. Later all Ron Thelma and Eli


  1. Is that last picture the Menger hotel?? If so it is beautiful on the inside

  2. Some really nice pictures. Sounds like a very busy day but you really saw a lot. The Chilis you ate at - was it part of the chain?