Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we leave here headed to Braketville, TX We will be there two nights and then move to San Antonio. At braketville we will visit Fort Clark. This is a fort from the Mexican war. I think it has been compersialized some We shall see. We have a coupon for buy one night get one free. We got it at the rv show we went to in Jan. Today we went to breakfast and then came home Thelma did a load of laundry and I put things away. We still have some stuff to do in the morning. Hope to get started by 8 or so. We have a 300 mile trip to do. Our next ones will not be that long. We will go to San Antonio on Wed. Not sure just how long we will stay there. It is passport witch  gives us half price. It is good as long as we stay. We used quite a few of them on the way down. We will go to canton Tx on the 20th and be there till 28 Leave that morning for Mineola for a Yars rally Start back to In on the 1st. We want to stop in Little Rock and see Clintons library. We have never been to a presidental library before. Would like to see a lot more Probably won't  Well Thats about it for tonight  Later
Ron 'Thelma and Eli

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  1. Y'know there is a Presidential library in Grand Rapids, Mi. Gerald Ford. I have been intending to get there, but haven't make it yet.