Friday, March 4, 2011

Rio Grande River

Today we took a boat ride on the river. It was a little over an hour. Went up river and then downriver about the same distance each way Here are some pics
This river flooded really bad last summer. The hurricane came and dumped a bunch of water upstream and so they opened the dams there and let it flood down here. We have seen this at the two parks we went to You will see more damage later

They say you can see how high the water went by the different color on this building

This was a restaurant on the Mexican side. Doesn't look like they are going to do anything to it
We are not sure what this bird is. Some thought it was a bald eagle or an osprey. Couldn't get a close enough shot. Wish I had taken the binoculars along. Would have helped

Here is a building on the Mexican side also that is no longer in use. Some of the people on the boat had been down here other years and said it was a nice place.

Here is the Rio Grande. It is pretty wide here. When the flood waters came through they made some of it wider. Washed out boat dock and other stuff

Here is a pumping station for the farmers. The green stuff you can just barely see is sugar cane. It will be ready in Sept. They have to pay to get this water. Can;t remember how much  but think it was by the acre

Here is a restaurant that was called Pepe's. You can see what happened when the water came through. There was another on just north of this one that was owned by the same people It is also done for

And of course the Snowy egret. Standing tall There was a couple of them along here. Now comes the last one

This where the border patrol sits and also puts in their boats to cruise the river. While we were setting in the restaurant they went zooming by one way and a little later they came back the other. We did not see anybody swimming across. But i don't think they would do it in daylight either. We had a great time. We sat with a couple in the  restaurant that were from In. The are from up by Laporte. Had a nice chat. The campground they are staying at raised the rates $50 for next year. We told them about where we are staying here. They were gong to come check it out. Guess that's about it for tonight. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow.  Later  Ron Thelma and Eli

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