Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomorrow we start in earnest

I took some pictures today. Mostly it was of the Chairpeople. We had a meeting this morning and I did it after that. Then Thelma and I went to the laundry She did the clothes and I took the truck across the driveway and washed it. It was so dirty from the dust down here. I have never been in a place so dry. They sure could use some rain. Yes Bob the Monce's made it here this afternoon. Not sure exactly what time. I was sitting at the computer working on pictures when I seen a little class c go by and pull in right behind us. I thought that looks like Don's unit sure enough it was. We have chatted some. This afternoon we also had a meeting with some of the Indiana people here. A couple went to sleep in their campers and didn't make it. Tomorrow I will start taking a lot of pictures. A couple of things took place today that I will explain more about later. It pertains to next year's retiree rally. So far it is going great. We enjoy visiting with all our friends here. I think I do more than Thelma. She is a little laid back. Oh I am too. LOL. Well Guess that's it for tonight  Later all Ron Thelma and Eli.

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  1. When you say a couple went to sleep in their camper and didn't make it do you mean to the meeting? The first thing I thought of was that they went to sleep and died for some reason... you know, they didn't make it.